Top 10 ] Reverse Image Search (이미지 역검색?)


네.. 닮은 이미지를 검색해주는 사이트 top 10입니다. 저는 갠적으로 tineye

Reverse image search is different kind of search where one does not provide keywords and instead provides an image and the search engine searches for images of similar kind. This kind of search is not yet very famous as many are not even aware of this kind of search options available and also for the reason that many are not in requirement of this kind of a search. At times different engines use different algorithms and parameters while making the search.

Top 10 reverse image search engines are :

1)TinEye : Is a reverse image search engine that also has a addon for Firefox which is very helpful. It is considered best when you want to find exactly matching images which looks same like the base image but are available at different sources and in different resolutions. It can be a great tool to find stolen or un-attributed images on the internet.

2)Byo Image Search : It seems that this search is based on the color palette uniformity primarily but does include theme based algorithm. They use a search technology called Piximilar visual. It analyses hundreds of image attributes such as color, shape, texture, luminosity, complexity etc.

3)Gazpopa : A recently launched search tool which allows you to upload a base image already in your computer or even allows you to draw one. The similarity is compared on the bases of the bases images color and shape match which works amazingly great but at times it can get confusing.

4)RevIMG : Is a reverse visual search engine which works opposite to the older style of searching images from text. It finds images based on algorithms based on shape, dimensions, and colors.

5)Multi service image search : This simple reverse image search engine help you to select places which you want to include in your search. It also gives you can option where you can ask to ignore colors while making the comparisons. The supported file types by the search engines are JPEG,PNG and GIF with a max file size of  8192 KB .

6)IM2GPS: This is a different kind of reverse image search engine as it helps you to locate the location in the image. Say if you give image of building a base image it helps you to find the location of that structure by various algorithms like estimating the geographic information.

7)SnapTell : This is a great service for mobile. With this you just need to click a snap and your device tells you about what it is and where you can get it or buy.

8) Idee : Provides three different options to search your images with one being color based, then a combination mode or straight up image matching from an upload or a URL.

9)Google image : It helps you to find images with the option of finding similar images, all you need to do is to  click below the target image.

10)ImgSeek : Its based on wavelet transform, which is simply a sophisticated averaging method which produces quite meaningful results.

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